Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rain walk

you are walking on air
between raindrops
feasting on changing colors
of leaves, one heartbeat
at a time
as one black umbrella opens
up after another

“Follow me”
says your guts
this is the path
you want to cut out
for yourself:  dream-chaser

oxygen rushes to your lungs
knife-winding & halo-storming
like that first time you flew
kite to crown the sky

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Of paper wings

there is a road map
your eyes are searching

underneath white starched shirt
is your wild heart

no one hears it but you
pulsing river tide

hungry for smell of freedom
wide-angled as blue vein sky

and when the night
fragments your chest to water 

ask the bird for feather bone

ask the moon for verdant light

somewhere a corn stalk is ripening in its time 
you have wings

paper-light, fashioned out of tiny scars
the mirror doesn't show it

but you are beautifully 
made, always 

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Two triquian


These pages
unravel a knot, blue
storm underneath ink & silver lines.
I tether on metal, waiting for perfect sage
to point me my journey, foot by foot
But all I hear is wind

August Sky

clouds dust my skin opaque 
chattering endlessly until i 
hush them to slide into moonlight arabesques. 
cold snaps last summer blooms as i write
away.  words, they keep me 
from drowning.

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Seven line poem with the following syllables: 3 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 9 - 6 - 3

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Sticky sweet as hand-rolled rice cake
Baked in clay pot lined with banana leaves

Salty soft as goat's cheese
Mouth watering purple yam stirred in milk & sugar

Tangy crisp as sliced green mango
Mixed with tomatoes, onions & shrimp paste

Sun dew fruits - watermelon, papaya,
star apple, melon, atis, chico - nourish my eyes

And most of all, riotously decadent halo-halo*
colors swimming in finely shaved ice

And I would suckle your brown breast
Milky as young coconut, newly axed by bolo**

By the man along dusty road,
His deeply wrinkled smile welcoming me home 

*Halo-halo ( ‘mix-mix’ ) is a popular Philippine dessert consisting mainly of finely-shaved ice and a delightful concoction of preserved sweets such as young shredded coconut, beans, boiled banana chunks, macapuno, sago, gelatin, leche flan and topped with crispy popped rice and a glob of ice cream, among other yummy tidbits. Picture credit here.

** bolo is a large, heavy, single-edged knife or machete for hacking

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Sunday, August 10, 2014


westward wind tarries 
sea-floral fragrance

rain clouds

slinging its glorious mane

a darkening 
of trees sway below gibbous moon

tide recedes
crooning last summer's song

time slips
hushed and gentle like the gazelle. *

Title and last line from Dusk, Gabriela Mistral.

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long shadows of sunset
stole my breath & words-

I drank as a daughter *
Her mother's milk, milk of the palmtrees *

Grace @ Florida Vacation

Thursday, August 7, 2014

August thunderstorm

pewters sky


Grace @ Clearwater Beach, Florida

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Sea-charmed morning

Grace @ Clearwater Beach, Florida


sun-licked waters 
over blue-drunk sky

I tread 
eager for wiggly fish

and though each tide
repeats an old song

bounding waves
break against my feet

soft feathers 
of green-stemmed blooms 

I cannot count
nor put them in a vase

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sam's Superman moment

Lake Panasoffkee, Sumter County, Florida

As another air boat rain-ripples the marshlands 
baby alligator, Sam, asks his mother, if he can come out 
& play with his friends, dragon & black swan.

Wait until all is silent except for the birds, his mother said
So he waited until the sun steeped the emerald
reed-waters to bright orange & yellow hues

At night, Sam swims along the grooves & rocks
With his friends, lake is a spaceship or pirate ship
marauding an island of bats or black cats.

Suddenly a raven sweeps above a palm tree croaking:
There's a boat nearby with nets staking your kin & skin
But Sam doesn't realize the danger & soon he is caught

In a large cup with orange flowers
painted on it. Or was it an old liquor bottle?  Sam scrambles
to escape though his mouth is duct taped.  His tail flips-flops

to find an escape route.  He smells smoke nearby
& realizes his dragon friend had set the boat on fire.  By the door, his
other friend, the swan is motioning him to jump on his back & soon

Sam is airborne over the water-mulched trees
      Where time is a graceful arc of pelican's wing
      Where every cry of the bald eagle is fierce & free

We went to the marshlands over the weekend where we saw alligators and wild birds. Such a beautiful wild place & hopefully it will continue to remain untouched by men ~ But we did see a baby alligator on display for tourists like us ~

*I am currently vacationing in Florida so it may take me a day or two to return your visit*

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grappling with words

Photo credit:   M. Bednar

there is the pace & urge

framing is factor
where to focus, what to blur

a wisp, a thread is all I can get
as often your wings propel you

into a distance where I can't follow 
I perch still, listening

to a scratch, flint, tremor
I know lies just below the blue-sliced dawn

during summer
you are mighty heron, thrilling for hunt

during autumn
you are red maple leaf, dazzling in sundown 

during winter
you are lace-moon, quivering above my window

in spring,
you are hail storm, unleashing on my pages

grit, fury, tenacity
you tell me, I will find you

Say of me:   You are mine.*

* Line from Hilda Hilst, I come from Ancient Times

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Are pancakes a hang-over cure?

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

One side burnt, the other cheek pale
It's been some time since I made pancakes
I say-
drizzled with blueberries
fluffed eggs & milk, but this one is still good -  

I set a pancake on plate for my 15 year old daughter
who came to bedroom in the pre-dawn hours
can you please prepare pancakes in morning?"
Her voice is a child
requesting for lullaby for her stomach

now empty
after hovering her face over
white toilet bowl
hours before
my hubby calmly inducing her vomiting
My daughter kneels, wobbly & glassy eyed
"I will never drink again, she says -
This is awful."

Her first time to drink unsupervised 
in her best friend's surprise party 
I clipped my tongue, carefully
aiming my words
"Now you know why beer & wine stores
don't sell to teenagers because they don't know
their limits."  I say (you need to be 21 years here)

I chastise myself for allowing her to go to 
neighbor's impromptu party-
How could I forget
what bored teens do on Friday summer night?

"I asked for it, beer, wine
I wanted the experience
But I don't remember anything anymore 
only puking at the backyard. 
I don't even know most of the crowd."

I grab the phone to talk to neighbor's mom
scratch that, to berate her for letting the crowd go out of hand
But the phone went to voice mail, so I tidy
her mess -

Spit, vomit, toxic, fears
Her bedroom stinks of regrets
I probe further & find that nothing else
"The party broke up after 1 hour of our
departure because the police came.  
I'm glad my friends took care of me 
since I blacked out", she adds  

I want to give her an armor
and cotton wings 
and certainty of owning one's voice

"This is how to hold your own (I understand
peer pressure)-
Eat first, then stick to just one type of drink,
(just in case you decide to drink)
& keep your friends nearby."  I say

She sleeps with an ice pack on her head
A shallow bowl, two paper towels, two towels 
await beside her bed for gentle nursing- 

I, who have set her (our) limits
"Boundaries are important"-
                                        gives her space&time-
There is a trick to turning near-perfect pancakes 
Allow batter to set & firm ever slightly, 
then test-flip the other side quickly on buttered pan-  

Too soon,  it's a wet-mangled yolk
Too late,   it's a fire-scarred wood
I pour light maple syrup on my pancake
                                       savoring summer slow & easy

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